Why Pasture?

Pasture raised is a better method of farming for everything involved from the land, the chicken and the people. 

So What Is Pasture-Raised?

These hens are allotted at least 108 square feet per hen. They eat a combination of carefully balanced supplemental feed and whatever they can find in the dirt when they go outdoors including grass, worms and bugs. They are able to leave the barns early in the morning and are called back before nightfall.

Want to Visit Us?

Our goal is to introduce the youth to sustainable organic farming and we are currently in the process of creating a safe environment for both the visitors and our hens due to COVID-19. Please be patient and visit our website in the near future for updates regarding the tour opening dates. 

A little bit more about us

Dunn Ave Poultry Farm is a diversified, full-time farm that provides wholesome organic eggs and sustainably produced products for our community. We are a business that others can learn from, and we are a family that helps our neighbors. We work in partnership with our animals and with the natural world. We support other farmers who share our vision of sustainable agriculture, and we work to be as self sufficient as possible.